The PhD Programme in Architecture (PDA) at the Faculty of Architecture – University of Porto (FAUP) aims at ensuring a qualified postgraduate training where the questions of space and representation are articulated with the exercise of criticism and theoretical thought, substantiating a rigorous and acknowledged understanding of the architectonical project. 

PDA is structured in Study Profiles, whose offer is made annually, and there is the intention of circumscribing to different fields of study: Project for the Housing Space and Ways of Inhabiting; Architecture: Theory, Project, History; Dynamics and Urban Forms; Architectural Heritage. 

Doctoral studies at FAUP comprises curricular units from the architecture and urbanism scopes, with an offer pondered with other subjects from artistic and cultural studies, politics and sociology, science and mathematics, philosophy and history or drawing and contemporary criticism. 

This range of curricular courses contributes not only to the definition of a multidisciplinary ground to support the preparation of the Doctoral Dissertation, but also to an enriching contact with teachers from other contexts and bearers of other research interests. 

The teaching staff includes: Alexandre Alves Costa; Álvaro Domingues; Carlos Machado; Domingos Tavares; Francisco Barata; Gonçalo Furtado; Helder Casal Ribeiro; João Pedro Xavier; Joaquim Moreno; José Miguel; Rodrigues; José Quintão; José Virgílio Borges Pereira; Luís Soares Carneiro; Madalena Pinto da Silva; Manuel Fernandes de Sá; Manuel Mendes; Marta Oliveira; Nuno Portas; Pedro Alarcão; Raquel Paulino; Rui Braz Afonso; Rui Póvoas; Rui Ramos; Teresa Calix; Teresa Ferreira; Vítor Silva and, also, Ana Tostões (IST); Aurora Carapinha (U. Évora); Carmen Espegel (ETSAM); Jorge Figueira (DARQ-FCTUC); José Aguiar (FAUL); José António Bandeirinha (DARQ-FCTUC); Nuno Grande (DARQ-FCTUC); Paulo Farinha Marques (FCUP); Paulo Tormenta Pinto (ISCTE-IUL) and Txatxo Sabater (ETSAV-UPC). 

PDA is a cycle of studies accredited by the Portuguese Agency for Assessment and Accreditation of Higher Education, corresponds to 180 ECTS and runs over six semesters (2 curricular semesters).

March 24 - April 24, 2017 (1st Stage) 
June 30 - July 19 (2nd Stage)

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Poster PDA 2017 / 2018 (PDF)

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